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Our Story

A dream come true - The story behind Premkunj

An avid traveler, Mr. Bhupendra Singh Chundawat always had bigger dreams. Having experienced his share of the world, his mind’s eye saw a Luxurious homestay that went beyond just providing services, to provide an unforgettable experience to its guests. It all remained a vision until a clearing among the hills of Udaipur was spotted. Standing there, wind blowing around him, the hills on all four sides, he knew that this was where his vision would see fruition.

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The Perfect Locatio

It was perfect - nothing but the sounds of rustling leaves and birds chirping for miles around.

The chance of spotting some wildlife in its natural habitat, and not in cages. The freedom he himself felt from escaping the cage of modern life. Seeing this beautiful piece of land, he knew instantly that this was the perfect location for his dream to turn into reality.

Goodness of nature

A structure began to form in front of his eyes, one that soaked in all the goodness of nature, and threw in a dash of luxury. Something that enhanced the relaxing vibes and atmosphere of the location. What he envisioned, the skilled hands of masons brought to life. And thus, Premkunj, a result of two years’ efforts and a lifetime of dreams, came into being. 

He made sure to transform his dream into not just a reality, but a reality so good it seems like a dream to all those who approach it. Every last aspect of the Premkunj was once just a fragment of thought in his mind; from the colonial architectural style, to the artefacts scattered around that breathe life into the Premkunj. The joy of seeing his dream fulfilled, and to offer guests the experience of being a part of this reality continues to be translated into the services provided to everyone staying at Premkunj; here, you are family.


People behind Premkunj

Bhupendra Singh Chundawat, belongs to the Royal family of Bassi near Chittorgarh, 150 kms away from Udaipur. Rulers of that land for the past 500 years, their title is that of ‘Rawat’, and his parents reside in the Bassi Fort, which is still under the family.  The fort was constructed in the 16th century by Thakur Jaimal of the Sisodia Dynasty, a distant cousin of Maharana Pratapji, founder of the Bassi principality.

Apart from fulfilling the duties that Premkunj has bestowed upon him, Mr. Singh also likes to pursue his interests, some of which are Horse Riding, Travelling, Listening to Music and engaging in a game of Polo. He hopes to extend his warmth and hospitality to all those who choose to stay at Premkunj.

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